How to Adjust Pro-Sites Levels from Admin

Team WPMU,

We did a shift up a few months ago with our subscription levels, significantly raising prices and adding a couple of new levels. To make it fair, we created a "secret" level for the existing members to preserve their member price and capabilities.

And, of course this all happened at the outset of the big Pro-Sites upgrade to 3.0, which had it's own ruffles to work through.

Currently, the changes to the previous subscriber's accounts is not holding and has to be renewed every month. Each month they pay, but their pro-sites level is dropped down to the bottom tier, instead of staying at the tier they are supposed to be at. It is VERY frustrating and I can see no way to permanently establish their account level from the back end. And, since it is a "hidden" level in pro-sites, there is no way for them to do it, either.

How can I fix this? It's frustrating for me and for them.


  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @jetmac, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    While I'm curious as to why the level keeps getting dropped like that, I do have a potential solution that you'll be interested.

    You said that the affected members couldn't sign up for this hidden level of yours... not anymore. :smiley:

    If you were to replace this file:


    With the copy inside the attached .zip, your members can add in this at the end of the Pro Site URL:


    I've found that to reveal hidden levels on my test Multisite, could you let me know that it does the same on yours as well?

    Your members should be able to cancel their existing subscriptions, and then sign up with that hidden subscription of yours. Without knowing more about how the levels were re-arranged (when you changed your pricing structure), a re-subscription like this seems to be the surest route.

    Please advise,

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