How to adjust the bottom limit, change the language and center-align my custom button?


I’d like to adjust the bottom limit of the bar so that when I scroll down the page, it would follow the page, say, only 3000 px, and then stop. Or maybe it would follow to the beginning of the comments.

How can I do that?

And another question. I’ve got my own service for the bar. The code for button is

<div id=”vk_like”></div>

<script type=”text/javascript”>

VK.Widgets.Like(“vk_like”, {type: “vertical”});


And I’ve got the button positioned as showed here:

And the question is: how can I apply some CSS so that the button would be aligned in the center of the bar?

Question #3. I’m Russian, and my Twitter and FB buttons are showed in Russian. It causes some glitches: the words doesn’t fill in the bar. So I need the English version of the buttons. How can I change the language of them?