how to align a menu bar to the right of page

I’m stuck.

I found the nav element and am able to align it to the right of page as desired.

Here’s the way it is

<screenshot menu on left - under orange bar>

and I’ve selected the div class=“wrap”… element that when I set the align to right (inside the quotes)

I get what I am hoping to achieve, as here.

<screenshot menu on right>

Note the third element under DOM is align and when I place right in the quote and enter I get what I am trying to achieve.

So, I thought I could do this

div.wrap {align:right;}

in custom.css

which changed quite a few elements and didn’t achieve the desired effect on the menu bar.

I tried float:right and few other attributes that I thought might work. Plus, tried different selectors in the area. All to different and very unwanted affect.

I tried finding something useful in the Style, Computed or Layout tabs and again found nothing that would help.

I’m stuck.