How to allow a customer to re-subscribe their blog when their customer ID was deleted in stripe

I have a customer_ID associated with a previous blog in my network that was a pro-site. The customer ID in stripe was deleted however the customer ID is still attached to her blog.

She would like to re-activate her pro-site status but she cannot because the customer ID in her blog is the same customer ID in stripe that was deleted.

Here is the log in stripe:


Time: 2016/07/06 05:53:35
Method: POST
URL: /v1/customers/cus_4l8XXXXXgE56o
Status: 404
IP address: XXX.1XX.204.135
Version: 2014-03-28
Source: Stripe/v1 PhpBindings/1.18.0
Related: Customer — cus_4l8XXXXHgE56o

Parsed Request POST Body

description: "Actor Gear Sites user - BLOG TITLE "
email: ""


type: "invalid_request_error"
message: "No such customer: cus_4l8fXXXHgE56o"
param: "id"

SOOOOO I believe the solution to this situation is an option for the network admin of the pro-sites network is an ability to delete the stripe customer object manually. OR have a condition in pro-sites where if a customer id is posted and the stripe response is that customer ID doesn't exist, then pro-sites needs to delete that customer ID object reference on the network and request a new customer object so it can proceed forward.

Please forward this asap to Umesh Kumar or if somebody has a quick solution I'm not seeing please let me know so I can get this very frustrated customer paying!