How To Allow Guests To Post On my WordPress Site ?

Hi, I read your post link

about Allow Guests To Post On my WordPress Site .

But i want to have some more option , can anyone guide me .

I want to have function allow guest post Classified Ad and create their post . After Guests publish their posts, their post will be pendding and wait admin apprach :

1,Pluign will allow guests without sign in to click Create Post button .

2, Pop up or new page displayed with forms to post content .

3, First form will have ask form : would you like post : Classified Ad type 1, Classified Ad type 2, post type 3..

4, Have captra or input specail key ( some guest will have this key )

5, After input content, Guests submit their content , there is pop up notice guest we have received your post and we wait approach . With some guest have specail key , their content auto approached and publish .

6, after post , my guests have ability reopen and ability to edit again their content , republish with new date.

Please guide me . Thanks .