How to allow new page visitors to create their profiles

Not quite enough space to define the question in the title.
I would like that new guests at my website could sign up to my page, but they wouldn't become "Wordpress users." Basically, they would sign up as in any other page and could still edit their profiles, use other wonderful plugins for chatting, etc. but the "Howdy, user_name" would not appear at the very top and just in general all messaging, everything would be handled in the page itself.
Is this possible? I suppose it is a slightly different thing than what a "user" defines in WP. The end result I'm going for is that new visitors could create profiles, have a feed (Status plugin) on their profile page and a sidebar where their written posts would be stored. And I could showcase their posts or profile pages elsewhere in my page.
Any direction or tips on how to tackle this would be much appreciated.