How to allow option to choose more than one service

I am a manager of a private park which has 7 different areas; members make requests to use one or more areas. I need to allow a choice to choose which of the areas they’d like to use. Also, I need to have them choose how many hours they’d like to reserve for each area, including the option to choose an overnight reservation.


Pavilion and Camping Area A reservation from 5:00 PM 11/1/2014 to 1:00 PM 11/2/2014.


Softball Fields A and Softball Field B reservation from 8:00 AM from 2:00 PM and a reservation for the Pavilion from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

How do I do that? Please give simple directions as I am not very adept. Thanks very much. I am looking forward to receiving your answer. I’m very impressed with the program. :slight_smile:

~ Shirley