How to allow products from multi sites to arcive on common store


I am new and ambitious but it seems like everything I need to do is possible based on existing threads.

I would like to set my Market press up on multi-site so that multiple sites/users can set up stores and sell from their respected website and their products will be displayed on the primary site.

Is there a guide which might walk me through the set up?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • aecnu

    Greetings deskmedia and bradles,

    @bradles Thank you for trying to help another member which is greatly appreciated.

    @deskmedia Thank you for the clarification and the theme makes all the difference in the world of course. The installation and the issues you will have or not have will start at the foundation of hosting then WordPress version and then the theme which are the very base components of our installations. Any single one of them has an issue and the whole thing is messed up.

    The pre-made Store page you are referring to is not for this purpose and bradles above described accurately what you would want to do in this case i.e. create a page that will be your store page - set that page as the home page and static - and apply the short code.

    Let me know how it is going in which we can fine tune a bit more and in any event you both have a GREAT upcoming weekend.

    Cheers, Joe

  • deskmedia

    Thanks for the help!

    I am getting there with a bit of trial and error, its good to know that there are others members who know the drill

    I can see there is lots to digest but I think this is an absolute winner and opens up a new world of web accessibility for everyone to be on line. I have big plans (like evryone) for wp multi-site which brings me on to another topic which you might be able to help with or point me to another thread which answers my next question.

    Assuming that I have the relevant servers in place and configured to run 1000 multi-sites from one domain, how best do I structure these so Google doesn't get too upset.

    I know its a bit off topic but I dont want to build a network that will end up getting killed by the search engines.

    Appreciate the help!

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