How to allow users to get a site a registration?

I've scoured the forums and have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out. Can someone just give me a succinct "How to" on what I'm trying to do.
I'm trying to do this with Pro Sites (is this the best plug in for this or is their another way I should do this) I have a multisite site.

Here is what I want:

The very first time a visitor clicks Register they are given the option to create a site. I want all of the sites to be free. Another option would be to just become a subscriber to my main site.

Thank you!

  • Alexander

    Hi @Matt,

    Pro Sites wouldn't really make a difference here. It would however allow you to charge users to upgrade their blogs.

    Multisite has a 2 step registration process. First the user must create an account. During account creation, they're asked if they'd like a blog. If they do, the next step will be to get the blog title from them so it can be created.

    To enable this, you just need to set your registration settings to allow blog signups. You can do this in your network dashboard under the "Settings" page.

    Best regards,

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