How to alter the output of [eab_single]

Okay, next question about Events+

I'm using the shortcode [eab_single] to display individual events in certain places (in this class in a home page slide).

I was to remove and alter the output of it. Here's the thing, this is going to be for a client to use so I need to keep the shortcode use as simple as possible. Ideally, every time the client uses the shortcode, all he should need is [eab_single id=xxxxx]. I know that I can call a template file with the short, but having to enter that every time defeats the purpose. (though I understand how calling a template file works in the short, perhaps you could give me an instruction on how to use this in case I need a fallback: "template - (string) Subtemplate file, or template class call")

More importantly I need to alter the output. I don't mind creating a new shortcode altogether in a plugin or in functions.php using the code from within Events+ but I don't know where to look. Essentially, I want to remove all the meta data about the event and leave nothing but the event title, the RSVP buttons and the event date with some custom text prepended to it.

If I knew where to look inside the plugin to where ever your shortcode is created and templated, I might be able to extract what I need and create my own custom shortcode for this.

Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks.