How to apply taxes with membership 2?

I would like to know if there is any way to show the taxes applied in the price when the users are going to pay for the subscription?

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    Hey Paula

    Hope you are well,

    I made a custom add-on for MemberShip Pro to enable custom tax regardless of Taxamo, to implement it please follow the below steps:

    1: In the wp-content create mu-plugins folder, if that already not exist

    2: Download this gist file: and upload the ms-custom-tax-addon.php file inside mu-plugins folder.

    3: Go to Membership->Add-ons page and enable the new Tax Custom add-on

    4: Go to Memberships page, edit a membership, in the Payment Options, you will see Custom Tax settings, adjust it according to your needs.

    Done, now please check the checkout page, if that reflect like below:


    This works fine in my end, let me know if that works for you too!

    Note: I checked this with Paypal, Stripe and Manual gateways, I hope it will work for other gateways too, if not let me know here!

    === What is mu-plugins? ===

    mu-plugins also called "must use plugins" is auto-activated plugin, that's mean by adding that file inside the "mu-plugins" the code is automatically start functioning without any activation from dashboard.

    If you need to more about mu-plugins, here's the link:

    In future if you need to deactivate it, just remove this file.

    Best Regards,


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