How to assign Member Access Levels to Users

I have a site where subscribers (or an equivalent role) need to have controlled access to the site.

I need to be able to give access rights based on Category - which I can do via URL Groups.

However I cannot see how to give 1 subscriber access to 1 level and another subscriber another level.

Any idea how I can set up the roles / levels to achieve this?

  • Patrick
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    Hi there @Robert

    I hope you are having a great day!

    You can assign a user role to each access level under the Advanced tab when creating or editing the access level (screenshot).

    However, you can only assign one role per access level. If you need to have different access rules for roles with identical capabilities, you could create a new custom role using a plugin like User Role Editor to clone the existing "subscriber" role. Then assign that role to a different access level.

    For example:
    Default "subscriber" role on access level "1" can access category "A"
    Custom "subscriber-2" role on access level "2" can access category "B"

    Also, you can use the Categories rule in the access levels to restrict/grant access to categories.

  • Robert
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    Hi There Patrick. Thanks for the answer - I'll try the user role editor out. The reason I'm using URL groups is that it looks as if Membership has a problem with the Marketplace Product Categories and doesn't list them but I have a feeling that the user role editor will solve my access problems

    thanks for the swift reply

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