How to attribute original author?

I like the plugin and it seems to do what I want for the most part. A couple issues:

1. Either some of my feeds aren't including images or the plugin isn't pulling them. (or maybe is doesn't by design?)

2. My main issue is that I want to attribute the posts to the sites/feeds they are coming from. Right now I have posts showing excerpts and then users can click and see the full article. (Example)
Ideally, the short post would be visible on my site and when the user clicks they could go to the original article.

A few suggestions/thoughts:
- Make the post use the feed name as the Author?
- Or - custom author name (configurable)
- Auto add link to full article (on feed site) after truncated post.
- Allow admin to config feed posts to be "full" or "excerpt. If excerpt, option to link to original article.
- Ability to see raw fee or some way to tell if an image is being included...?

Just some thoughts. I love the plugin, it's just what I need but I just need to figure out how to give credit to the original authors.

  • ymousley

    disclaimer: I use a different autoblog plugin that I had before joining WPMU

    That said, some things are feed issues that aren't a problem of the plugin itself. Some feeds don't include images or full content, and in those cases there's not much that can be done. I have a few where I thought the plugin was messing up, but then I looked at the feed in Google Reader and realized it was the feed itself. That would be my suggestion if posts come up differently than you expect them to. Check it in a feed reader first. If there are images there, then it's something witht he plugin. If not, then it's the feed, and you'll have to try to build your own feed (using Yahoo Pipes or something) or just skip that one.

    You probably don't want to mess with the author name that's in the feed, in case people want to use that. What would be good - and one thing that I have in the plugin I use - is the ability to create custom fields and use the feed elements as variables. Then you can display them in different ways.In my case, the original link is a custom field, so I actually have my front page set up so that people go directly to the site, by replacing the permalink with the link custom field.

    As for full/excerpt posts, the only thing that can be done when a feed doesn't include full content is for the script to try to crawl that link, grab the full content from the site and post it back to your blog. As you might imagine, this is more resource intensive than just grabbing what's in the feed, and might not be appropriate for all hosting situations (if you're on a shared host, for example).

    The only foolproof alternative to a feed which provides partial content is to build your own feed for that site.

  • Philip John


    1. Check the RSS feed - Autoblog just pastes whatever is in the content of the RSS so if that doesn't include the images in the content, they won't be imported.

    2. You simply need to enable the external permalinks add-on in the Add Ons section of the plugin.

    - Make the post use the feed name as the Author?

    You'll just need to create an author and then assign that in your feed settings.


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