How to automatically redirect to current post/page when using redirect_login in M2P

I’m using M2P to partially protect content on posts by using this:

Here I place the content that will be available to everyone.

[ms-protect-content id=”XX”]

Here I place the content that will ONLY BE VISIBLE to members from the XX membership.


And below this, I’m using the M2P shortcode option to redirect the users to the current post after logging in [ms-membership-login redirect_login=””], but I see that the shortcode requires the redirect URL to be added manually.

Is there any option to not have to hand-code this last part of setting the URL?

Because we do not insert this code manually into the WordPress editor, instead we insert it into the templates of individual WordPress posts, so we’d like the redirect_login URL to always be the URL the user is on when the post is being opened.