How to best utilize a specific post type

I recently joined the live chat with @Michelle Shull, and as agreed upon made a thread. However, any answer from anyone is much welcomed! :slight_smile:

I have a custom post type called "shop" where I add my shops.

I am having trouble understanding how to best utilize this post type with title tags, meta descriptions and meta keywords.

In example:

1. You´re an affiliate who wants to publish a coupon code for your partner site giving your readers 20% off your order.

2. sells fresh strawberries and flies them around the world.

3. You need to add the following info on your end.

a) Shop description.
b) Title Tag
c) Meta Description.

How would you proceed?

Thank you in advance.

Bonus question: Is there any plugin that allows me to scale images regardless of size without quality loss?

  • Vaughan

    Hi Dan,

    Hope you're well?

    This would be easy if you used customPress to create the post type, as you could then add custom fields using customPress.

    This might even still be possible depending on how you created the CPT in the first place, did you use a plugin at all or is the post type registered in your theme?

    You could try installing customPress, then go to;

    Dashboard > custompress > content types > custom fields

    But I may be misunderstanding what you are wanting to achieve, is it just you who is adding these shops, or are you requiring some front end form where other users can submit their shops?

    Could you explain a bit more on what you are trying to do & how it should work? i'll also flag @Michelle Shull here aswell for some insight.


  • Dee. L

    Hi Vaughn. Thanks for dropping by. I am doing fine thanks, and I hope likewise :slight_smile:

    I should have worded myself differently.

    This is an existing post type. I am trying to figure out what exactly I should write in bulletpoint #3, so I provided a fictional example, leaving something to chew on before throwing the ball back.

    In short: If you were to fill out the info for this shop, using the above information in the example, what would you write in "Title tag" etc...

    Reason I am asking is because the nature of my type of website is short and sweet. From an SEO-point-of-view, this is not necessarily good due to little to no variation. I´m looking for inspiration on how to best utilize the little info I have in the best possible way to increase Search engine visibility. :slight_smile:

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