How to block countrys from my WP website?

I am wondering how to block country's that are launching bot attacks and are trying to hack in to my website. It seems to be happening from China and France a lot. I have also been hit from the Netherlands a couple of times. Can anyone here give me some advice on what to do?

EDIT: Also using Wordfence to throttle robots and crawlers, but throttling does not stop them I am starting to learn. :slight_frown:

EDIT 2: Would there be a way to build a list of country's that I do not want to access the site, and then when someone from that country comes, they can enter a capcha to prove they are a real person. I don't want to punish everyone just because someone in their country is really mean and loves to try to hack things.

PS: I will unblock any IP's needed by support staff to access my site. I just can't keep up with all the spam from robots and scrapers.