How to BOLD the menu item text


I've spent HOURS reading the documentation, reading other support forum questions and answers, and I STILL can't get the syntax right for making my menu items (Appearance --> Menus) then I click the dropdown arrow for the menu item, go to the CSS Classes (optional) box, and I have put in every possible syntax to get the menu item to be bold (strong) I can find. When I click Save Menu, WP strips any special characters (used in ALL CSS code), and just leaves the text from within the CSS. I read this post:, and what he suggested didn't work and should NOT have been necessary using the CSS Classes box, and this post:, and I tried this and copied the CSS that was used to make other text on the page bold, and again, the WP software stripped the special characters out of the CSS code box and left the text only. Then I read this post: to try for the correct syntax in this field. If you check out my site you'll have access and see that the special characters from this #top-menu ul.nav > li > a {
font-weight: strong !important; have all been stripped off and all that's there is the text. Every attempt at fixing this has not worked, yet it should. Then I used the syntax from this post: and AGAIN the special characters are stripped off and it does nothing. It would REALLY help if the documentation gave syntax examples.

Can you PLEASE help me with the correct syntax to use this box in the menu?

I will share your answer with other WP users that asked almost or exactly the same thing and never got it resolved.

Mary :o)