How to build a custom BuddyPress Activity page?

Hi guys. Hope you're all well.

I would like to create a custom BuddyPress activity page for one of my sites, but I'm unsure of how to do it. I know that BuddyPress is hardcoded to make any page that I select as "Activity" in the settings as a site-wide activity feed, but... I'm not happy with what my theme is creating by default. It's the usual activity feed (with the "What's new?" status post form at the top), and one sidebar. But I want a second sidebar on the other side, as well as a custom message space on top, and perhaps some other stuff. I want the activity feed (with all the options -- except maybe RSS, which I don't need) to stay EXACTLY the same, though.

My theme (WPLMS) has a built-in Page Builder, and I can use it to create exactly the page I want (with widgets), but minus the activity feed. If I knew the code to duplicate the activity feed in a php widget, that would be ideal -- but every attempt I try doesn't seem to work. I've studied this page (, but it's a bit over my head -- and seems to be more about customizing the feed, when all I really want is the SAME standard site-wide feed, but in a widget.

Yes, I am aware of the BuddyPress Sitewide Activity Widget (, which I've used -- BUT -- I really HATE HATE the way it styles the feed. It just doesn't seem to work the way I want it to, and no amount of customizing helps. I just want it displayed exactly how my theme normally displays and styles it, but with the ability to add more "stuff" around it on the same page.

I just granted support access to my site (not the "testsite," but the other one). If any staff members could help me with the exact code I would need to duplicate the activity feed only (found on "../activity", minus the side bar), so I could apply it to a php widget on another custom page I would build, then I would be extremely grateful!!!