How to build a jewellery website with MarketPress and Upfront?

I am an experienced application developer but would prefer to solve problems using tools than code them myself. I have not used WPMU MarketPress yet but I am eager to try.

My client is a jeweller and the project has two stages.

Stage 1: Build a brochure site. This will show full product details but rather than purchase online the customer will be invited to make an appointment to come the shop.

Stage 2: Move to full ecommerce.

I have seen a nice theme elsewhere,

but since I assume that you will recommend MarketPress I was wondering whether I would be better off using Upfront but none of your start themes look anything like the one above.

* Does MarketPress work well with Upfront? If yes,

* Which starter should I use and how to you recommend that I proceed?

* How do I disable shopping cart functionality and lead into a contact form for Stage 1 above?

Thank you for your help,