How to bulk import new users for BuddyPress via CSV file

I thought the Add New Users plugin was going to be my saving grace for adding over 400 new users to a clients site that’s using BuddyPress & Memberships2. However, I just started reviewing the info and am realizing that it doesn’t upload CSV files, but simply adds multiple fields onto one page, so that you don’t have to repeatedly press the “Add New User” button… Which it actually says in the description, as you know. Except I thought that was a bit of humorous sarcasm since adding hundreds of users by hand is well, yes, a joke.

Nevertheless, I need a way to add the new users where it creates and auto populates BP profiles with the user’s name & email, as well as generates a password and delivers an email to the user with the info.

I’ve searched the forums, as well as the WPMUDEV & WP plugin databases, but am still coming up empty handed. Is there a functionality within Memberships, Add New Users or even Batch Create that accomplishes this? If not, do you know a reliable way or plugin that does?