How to bump a ticket "the right way"?

I have a ticket open about PopUp Pro, and a few days have gone by. I know that I helped to cause the delay by not responding promptly, myself. I also know that adding new comments pushes the ticket to the back of the line....but how do I know if it has been overlooked (in which case the back of the line would be a better position, given the usual blazingly fast turn-around time :slight_smile: )?

I'm not trying to do an end-around -- I don't wish to invoke the wrath of the WPMUDEV Superheroes :slight_smile: But my issue has become more pressing, and I'm afraid that replying to my own ticket might make it take even longer, so I'm just not sure what the protocol is in this case.

Thanks for any advice, and apologies if I'm adding to anyone's trouble. :slight_smile: