How to bypass a trial in membership 2

I have a 100+ membership in my site with a trial subscription, but now someone don't want to use a trial. Can allow a one check box in a membership registration form to allow users to use a trail subscription..?

If user checked the check box we allow to use a trail subscription, otherwise no.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Jing,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    An option to skip the trial upon signup is not currently available in the plugin so it's either a membership with or without trial and that's "set". We have already asked our developers if it would be possible to add something like that - some checkbox or similar tool that would allow to skip the trial - but we need to wait for their response.

    Please keep an eye on this thread for further information and we'll let you know once we only get feedback from our developers.

    As a workaround for now, you could use a simple "trick" to achieve that. Let's say you got two memberships on site: "Starter" and "Vip" where "Basic" is a free, most basic membership and "Vip" is a paid membership with 2 weeks trial period.

    What you could do would be to create yet another membership - e.g. "VIP - No trial period" - setting it up with exactly the same price and protecting exactly the same content as a "Vip" membership but not enabling trial for it.

    Then on a signup page users would have a choice whether to signup for a "VIP" (so with trial period) or "VIP - No trial period". They would both give them the same kind/amount of access but the first one would also give a free trial, while the second one wouldn't.

    Now, that is upon signup but what if a member signed up for "VIP" (so with 2 weeks trial) but wants to actually skip trial after a week? They would just need to change the membership. If you don't have a "multiple memberships" add-on enabled in the plugin, all they'd need to do would be to go to their account page and use a link there to change memberships.

    If there is a "multiple memberships" add-on enabled, they would first need to cancel their "VIP" membership and then signup for a "VIP - No trial period" one, which makes it a bit more complex but if you add a good explanation on the account page, it should do the trick.

    I realize that's not exactly what you asked for but if you need a way to "skip trial" urgently, it's a workaround that should do the job for now.

    Of course, we'll update you here once we got a response form our developers about adding a "skip trial" option to the plugin.

    Best regards,

  • Ari

    Hey Jing

    Hope you had a wonderful day today!

    Yeah, it's possible by unitizing some hooks in the plugin. I made this for you, please download this gist file: unzip it and upload the ms-bypass-trial.php file to wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder.

    It will create an additional checkbox field in the registration form, here's the screenshot:

    It works for me well, please have a look if that also works for you!

    Let me know here if you have any trouble regarding this issue!

    Warm Regards,

  • Ari

    Hi Jing

    I'm not sure what did you mean by "it's not working for me"
    Didn't it add the checkbox? or you need different implementation?

    Please describe it with as much details as you can.

    I just tested it with this shortcode too, and it works for me as well, here's the screenshot:

    If you think it's not working for you please send me your site's WP & FTP credentials through our secure contact from:
    Using the below template:

    Subject: "Attn: Ari"
    - WordPress admin (login url/username/password)
    - FTP credentials (host/username/password)
    - cPanel/Plesk credentials (host/username/password)
    - link back to this thread for reference (it is:
    - any other relevant urls

    Keep in mind the subject line as ensures that it gets assigned to me.

    Have a great day!
    Warm Regards,

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