How to Center Output of Shortcode?

I don't believe this is natively available, but it very well may be. I want to center the output of a shortcode, specifically from the below plugin:

The plugin's shortcodes do not have the option to have allignment center of the profile boxes, so I was thinking that I could possibly just set the allignment of the output itself to center without having to have the specific feature in the plugin? Or is there a way to make a frame (borderless) in center of top of page and just put the shortcode in it?

Basically, I have changed the shortcode's # of columns value to "1" so that I can have one person's picture and name in the little profile boxes created by the plugin, but the default allignment is left and have no clear way of changing, but still want to so looking for "hacky" or hardcoded solutions.

Please respond ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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    The plugin author doesn't seem to keen on investigating here but that assumption may be incorrect (plugin is nice, not trying to discourage it or anything).

    First, he said:

    not possible because the plugin filter always align the boxes at left. You must use bigger images to fit all the page width.

    I asked for possible css solution and he provided the following: {
    width: 80%;
    margin-left: 10%;

    This is making image grow tremendously in size and definitely not what I'm looking for. I just want that little box/frame centered.

    Can't it be done using CSS? can you post a URL to a page that uses these shortcodes?

    Answering your question, I'd rather not provide a link publicly on the forum thread, but if you're willing to investigate some more, please provide specific instructions on how to send the URL via the WPMU Dev Contact Form so that you will receive it

    Please respond ASAP. Thanks in advance!

    UPDATE: In addition to my request, after I send link to page, could you provide instructions on how to fix the alignment issue with content section (middle frame thing with white background, where theme puts any content) and the sidebar are not aligned properly. I assume this is also something related to the shortcode, because the issue is not occurring on any other pages of my site.

    Please provide specifically what information you would like to receive in the contact form submission along with the instructions/specifics for fields of form. Thank you!

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    I got the first part of this issue fixed using another css snippet, but the part covered in the update of my previous post on this thread is yet to be resolved. I have included what the issue is now below:

    There is an alignment issue at the bottom of the page where this plugin's shortcode is being used. This will probably require a css snippet to fix. Would you please provide instructions on how I should privately send over the URL of the page that has this issue? In addition, if you need any other information, include the request in your next reply on this thread.

    Please respond ASAP. Thanks in advance!

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