How to change cost or set settings?

I need to know how to change the amounts for month- would be $1.00 per month

Or recurring to $7.00 per year. How do I set these? There is no "0" is this possible with pay to blog?

I don't want the 3 months activated

This is to register as a member to sell items on my site.

Pay Per Blog Settings:

PayPal Payment Type
Recurring = PayPal Subscription
1 Month
Cost for one month in the currency selected above.
3 Months
Cost for three months in the currency selected above.
12 Months
Cost for one year in the currency selected above.
Demo Period
Period (in days) before users have to pay to use their blog

What do I need to put here:

Extend Blog
Blog ID

Period (in days) you wish to extend the blog.

  • militarymama

    Mason suggested that I use Pro Sites for Pay Blog. I did that.

    The forum was great. It's just that my husband changed me to chrome today. Grrr...not fun. It changed the environment for me. I had to get my plug in from a different area. Not fun when I am trying to get the site up. I want to see if I can get this to work and get the site up quickly so I can see if I want to purchase the year. I don't want to keep paying $80 per month. I need people to test the site out for a few weeks too.

    I'm frustrated with PayPal waiting for application ID, i sent in everything that was on the that they had requested and received an e-mail back from then that they said they need a Registration Key, I have no idea what they are talking about. I have called PayPal twice, I looked on Google.

    I couldn't get Framework theme to work correctly the font is a mess. I had to go with a lame theme

    This is where I am confused:

    They will create a site on your multisite. If you enable membership you can allow each user to create a site by visiting This will give them their own individual site where they can list products that will show up at where new user is the name they choose. You can create a global store on using the global shortcodes found on the Network Admin Dashboard>Settings>Marketpress>Shortcodes

    How do I enable membership? How do I create the global store, I don't understand the short codes and where they go?

    You guys have been amazing!

  • Kimberly

    You don't need to enable Membership if you are going to use ProSites

    Your shortcodes are just codes in brackets [lookslikethis] that you put on your page. When you Publish the page and then view it it will automatically create a list of all of the products on the sites within your network.

    Shortcodes allow you to include dynamic store content in posts and pages on your site. Simply type or paste them into your post or page content where you would like them to appear. Optional attributes can be added in a format like [shortcode attr1="value" attr2="value"]. Note that depending on your preference above, you may only be able to use these on the main blog.

    Visit you Network Admin area, Marketpress and scroll to the bottom, you will find them there

    I'll attach pictures

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