How to Change Default Font Site/Themewide in Upfront/ChildTheme


Is there a simple way to change the front used across the whole of my Upfront theme?

The default font of Quattrocento in Luke and Sara is very nice but not what I want to show as default everywhere. I’ve uploaded Open Sans with Theme Fonts Manager without problem but every time a new thing comes up that still contains the old font I’m having to go through each and every heading, button, hover/focus state, etc. (for all responsive views!!!), and adjust to my chosen font.

I’ve done it so many times now that it gets boring and I’m sure there are a still a few instances where the old font is still set as default but until it comes up I’ll never know. For instance I came across the “Contact” Draggable Element yesterday that still had Quattrocento.

The other day I thought I was being clever by copying the Global Theme CSS (from within Upfront) in its entirety and doing a find/replace on the old font (and weight) and replacing with what I wanted and then pasting it back into Upfront editor. That didn’t do it and there weren’t that many references anyway.

I also did the same in one or two of the other css areas that can be found in the disparate areas of Upfront where CSS can be found/set, but likewise, not much help or difference.

I’m not sure if I should not have done what I did but everything still seems to work.

There’s got to be an easier way of doing this in Upfront but I can’t find it? Just point me to the CSS file(s) or the setting in Upfront so that I can blanket change the font and delete the old font from Theme Fonts Manager which I’m sure must also be adding to overall page load if anything.

Even if I have to repeat my default font change every time Upfront is updated, it’s got to be much easier than going through each element, each button, each heading and whatever else there is to change on each site…. it’s also going to be a lot more reliable that occasionally getting the wrong font where I don’t want it and then I can finally delete that Quattrocento from my Upfront site.