How to change Email (From Name), (From email address), and (From email domain)

I am using the “Branding” plugin which changes the Default FROM Sender Name and the Default FROM E-email address which works… but it makes it the same for all of my subsites. Now I turned the “E-mail From Headers” option in the “Branding” plugin back off.

My questions:

1) How can I change (From: wordpress@) to (From: useremail@) in the sent emails and have it unique for each of my subsites? It would be great to be able to use either a designated user email or a noreply@ instead.

2) How can I change the default “WordPress” from email name to the subsite same for each subsite? Example: Instead of WordPress to “Admin” or “NoReply” I would like to change “WordPress” to “Site Title” or “Site URL” so it can pull the Site Title of each subsite and apply it to the emails

3) Why doesn’t the HTML emails plugin utilize the mapped domain for each subsite in the email address. The emails are from WordPress They should show WordPress How can we do this??