How to change from category to blog

How do you change from category to blog?

Right now, my website goes like this… http://www.yoursite.comcategoryblog etc…

Is there a custom plugin that changes it?



  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    That’s a category URL. Not a blog.

    Anything within the Posts section is considered the Blog.

    To choose your own URL where the blog resides, go to Settings > Reading. Then for the “Front Page Displays” choose the second radio button, the static page. Choose a page for the Front Page and the posts page.

    The “Front Page” is where someone will end up if they go to

    The Posts Page is where the blog will reside. You can set a custom URL for that.

    I hope that makes sense.

  • Bradley
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Brian,

    That’s what I thought but for some reasons it didn’t work.

    I didn’t want the blog goes to the front page. I prefer to do the Posts Page. What I did is that I went to Pages to create a page to website.comblog. Then I did the settingsreading to have a static page set to Posts page and selected Blog.

    Then I saved changes.

    What happened here is:

    That Posts Page at website.comblog is not showing. Just a blank white page.

    And also I have a blog or post published as a test. But there was none on that page. Interesting, I have this breadcrumb looks like ….

    Home » Blog » » News » Welcome to the Official Website Blog!

    Home: I looked at each part. Home is not linked to the main website, it linked to the post itself.

    Blog: It shows

    [blank (between » » , strange eh?) Don’t ask me why is it there.

    News: it shows

    Title: Welcome to the Official Website Blog!

    I am no WordPress expert and I am still learning here! your help is greatly appreciated!

    My goal is to have the listing of blogs reside at in the content page and the right sidebar shows archives and blog. Perhaps WordPress didn’t like me.



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