How to change menu for different members

I'm using Protected Content and am trying to change the menu items based on the logged in user.

I installed the Advanced Menu add-on and tried all three options (which are hard to figure out what does what).

I am trying to replace the items in a menu (pages) to go to a different place. I am willing to manage 2 nearly identical menus (save the for the Membership/My Account links). I was able to get this swap to work fine from visitor to Member... but when I log out, I still get the Member menu and not the visitor menu.

Is this a defect or am I doing something wrong?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, jenn!

    I think I've got you hooked up, but I want you to double check and make sure the menu is showing the right things to the right people. Here's what I did:
    1. I made the Members Header menu the default.
    2. I used to Protect Individual Items option in Advanced Menu Protection.
    3. In the settings, I made sure the My Account and My Downloads pages only show for members.
    4. I added a registration link to the Members menu drop down, so non-members can sign up.

    The only think I haven't done is hide the registration link from Members, but I think everything else is showing as it should?

    Let me know!

  • jenn

    So I had to make some changes...

    The Members menu item links to My Downloads for logged in members but needs to like to Membership Benefits for visitors.

    I made 1 new level Members (Benefits, Register) for visitors and then have another Members (Downloads, Account) for logged in users. So now I just need to know how to HIDE the Members (Benefits, Register) for logged in users and then I will be good to go.

    Really wish there was better support or documentation for these Protected Content Add-Ons.

  • jenn

    Thanks for the help setting up the Visitor. That makes sense!

    So I made an additional change, and made 'Membership' visible only to Visitors as well. That way the Membership (Benefits, Register) only shows for visitors but Members (Downloads, Account) show up for Members. When I tested logging in and out Membership showed or went away perfectly, but I couldn't get Members to display when logged in.

    When I logged out it worked nicely, showing me what was hidden when I was logged in. (Which it didn't do before, it kept showing me Members before you created the Visitor Member type)

    Also, when I commented on the support, I meant more of documentation. You have been so helpful!

  • jenn

    I tried making the Members 3 menu items set to Everyone and then to reassign to Yearly Membership but it still wouldn't display.

    Also, I've been having some weirdness with the Protected Pages. For instance on the Protected Content Pages list the About page was available for Everyone but it would redirect to Protected-Content page. I edited About and from the Membership box Enabled Protection and set everyone to green, and reset Enable protection to Off and that seemed to work.

    I had the reverse happen for My Downloads. On the PC > Pages list it said it was protected for Yearly Membership, but when I tried to access it using a Yearly Membership account, it said it was still protected. I went into Pages > Edit My Downloads, used the Membership toggles and set to Protected for Yearly Membership and saved it then it worked. But when I went to edit the page again, the toggles did not show the proper settings, it just was turned off.

  • Sajid

    Hi Jenn, Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    I am sorry for delay, the response took longer than expected. Meanwhile Michelle is busy with other stuff. I am here to help :slight_smile:

    So let me explain here we have three menu protection level. You can protect a) each single menu item, b) replace an individual menu with another menu, and c) overwrite with content of menu locations (advanced).

    a) Using this option you can protected indiviual menu item for visitors. e.g you can replace menu item "My Account" with "Signup Link".

    b) You can replace entire menu with different menu for your visitors (as stated by Michelle). Suppose you have two differnet menus one for members and ofe visitors. Ten you can replace Member's Menu menu with visitor's menu.

    c) WordPress uses menu locations for better management of menus in WP site. Suppose you have two different menu locations one "Primary" and another "Secondary". You can easily swap these two menu locations with each other for "Members" and "Visitors". You can fine more details about locations here:

    Hope this will help.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

  • jenn

    Thank you for the explanations.

    I was using option A where Membership Benefits was supposed to display for Visitors and Members (My Account) would display for Yearly Members. However, Membership Benefits would show up for BOTH Visitor sand Members.

    So I tried option B and created 2 menus, one for Visitors and one for Members. However, I can't get the Members menu to replace the Visitor's menu in any of the testing I've been able to do.

    Still need help with this.

  • jenn

    Ok, looks like it was just a bad 'save' on the ajax menu.

    From the screenshot it shows under 'All' that Header will be replaced with Header for Members for Yearly Memberships.

    However, when I clicked the Visitor tab it said no replacement and when I clicked the Yearly Membership tab it ALSO said no replacement. So I went back to All tab and it showed as no replacement. Changed it to Header for Members again and got a saved message and now it works.

    Its nice to have the save-on-change but frustrating when it comes to things like this where a Save Changes button tells me that I KNOW changes have been made.

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