how to change product when select color


Please show me how : when visitor click color, the product will change.

This is screenshot , and this is demo .

Thank you

  • Dean Kaus
    • The Bug Hunter

    @tonyle Not sure what plugin theme your using. I know that when I designed a simular site years ago it was in html.

    Regardless of what you’re using you have to have a separate photo with different colors of the bike or item your trying to sell. Then it’s simply a matter of having the color circles link to the proper color of the bike or product.

    For example If I was selling The Scooters and offered Red, Green, Blue and Purple as options and the client needed to see them as above.

    I’d set up each different color of scooter (or you can try to change the color in photoshop) and then save the photos as red-scooter, blue-scooter etc… Then link the color circles to those files accordingly.

    hope that helps!

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