How to change profile login redirect for new users?

Hi, I'm building a site ( in which users can register and open up their own store on my site.

I made a fake username, VapeTester1 to create a store on There's a tabbed login widget on the homepage, which works great to login to the VIIDIFY site. BUT if I want to go to my sites dashboard by clicking "Profile" on the widget, it takes me here:

You attempted to access the "VIIDIFY" dashboard, but you do not currently have privileges on this site. If you believe you should be able to access the "VIIDIFY" dashboard, please contact your network administrator.

If you reached this screen by accident and meant to visit one of your own sites, here are some shortcuts to help you find your way.

Your Sites

VapeTester1 Visit Dashboard | View Site
Your VIIDIFY Store Visit Dashboard | View Site

It thinks the user wants to access the VIIDIFY admin's dashboard, but how do I change it so that when new users register on my site and click on that profile link, it takes them to their own dashboard?