How to change text buttons link to my social media?

Good morning, I'm just about done with my site design (before I submit it for customer review) and since I like to work from the top down, I hadn't even noticed that there's no obvious way of changing the links of the four social media buttons in the footer of my site. Of course, there's the obvious way, but that turns the text In to a link that changes the way the button looks (on mouse over), but when I did that I noticed that a small link-out icon appeared in the upper right "corner" of the circle :stuck_out_tongue:, but the text buttons that I didn't fiddle with have a small anchor icon in the lower right "corner" and on mouse over, the unedited text buttons are white and on mouse over they get slightly darker.

Is there any way of editing the links in the text buttons (while keeping the same linking structure) and leaving the small anchor icon that also leaves the un-selected and hover colors the way they are now.

I'll include screen shots.

Thank you,