How to change text in charts on Membership Account page

Hi again, on the Membership Account page, there are several tables displayed. In the first table it displays the Membership name, Status and Expires date. Is there a way to change the column head of "Membership name" to "Plan"?

I have the same situation in the Invoices table. I would like to change the column head of "Membership" to "Plan".

In the Activities table, under the Activity column, it shows copy that reads "Has signed up to membership...." I would like to change that copy to read "Has signed up to plan...."

I have the Ultimate Branding plugin installed and was able to accomplish this using the Find and Replace text function for the front end, but I'm thinking there is probably a better way to do it.

Thanks again for your help,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Trevor,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Since you are already using Ultimate Branding to accomplish this, I think there's no need to search for other solution as the "Text change" tool was designed for such tweaks. It's the simplest way to achieve this in my opinion.

    Other ways would be to use some bits of custom JS code or changing translation files (which would made them incompatible with updates etc) so if there's no additional issues related to the way it's working now or any "urge" to make it in a different way, I'd suggest sticking to Ultimate Branding.

    If you need other solutions though, let me know please.

    Kind regards,

  • Trevor

    Hi Adam,

    I'm keeping you busy today :slight_smile:

    Per your advice I used the Ultimate Branding Text Change feature to change the Membership references to Plan. My question though, this will change any Membership words to Plan on any page or post on the site correct? If so, is there a way to limit these text changes to certain pages like the Account page? Or could I limit it to only references in the Membership 2 plugin by using the "in this text domain" field? If so, what ID do I put in there, MS?

    Thanks again,

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Trevor,

    hope you're doing good and don't mind chiming in here! :slight_smile:

    You can use the membership2 text domain for your string replacements and these should take effect only for Membership 2 Pro strings.
    Unfortunately, there isn't any way to further limit this like per-page or anything similar.
    This should require some custom coding using another workaround like my colleague Adam mentioned before, like via javascript code.

    Hope that was some help, let us know if further assistance is required here!
    Warm regards,