how to change the appearance of the directory

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I almost finished integrating the plug in my site. Now I have to arrange the presentation with my theme. I can not use the theme that comes with the plugin because I use a framework and theme (genesis). However, when I selected the presentation grid of categories (with the shortcode), I see boxes with gray background title, which means that I use a part of css plugin … I’m trying to change the style-directory.css or home-grid.css but obviously it does not have any effect on my page where I put the shortcode for the categories in grid: (

I think I have the same concern when customizing the presentation of the plugin clasifieds …

So, how i can personalize how appear the directory on my page ?

thank you for helping me change the presentation of the plugin in the state because it is not beautiful.

What a shame not to have a dedicated css plugin for those who can not use the theme that goes with the plugin …

I count on your help :slight_smile:

Tks :slight_smile:

(sorry for my poor english ^^)