How to change the font color in the refine product list drop-down list

Just some background first, I am running gridmarket child theme for marketpress and a multisite install.
I am trying to find a way to change the font color of my drop down lists for shop picker and product list filter/list refine(not custom menus, i have done that). I have managed to get the shop picker and the categories drop down list of the mp_product_refine changed but the "order by" sorter that list price, date, most popular still eludes me. Could someone possibly give me a clue as to how I can change the custom .css or style.css to change font colors on this. Also is there a more general way to do this rather then going in widget by widget, say a default for all drop down menus?
In addition in the search bar in the heading it has the text "Search for :" next to the search box, is there a way to remove this, I didn't see it in the heading.php.
Thanks again