How to change the margins on BLOGS MU child theme

I need to change the theme position and I cannot not, im using the blogs mu theme and as you know its a FULL WIDTH theme, the them stretches from one side of the page to the other side,

I want to change the margin so that I have white space ( NO SIDES/borders) to the edge.

result giving the theme a centered look.

  • Patrick
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    Hiya @PopcornWithExtraButter

    Dang it, now I want to take a break and watch a movie :slight_smile:

    Before getting into CSS customizations, it's important to note that Blogs-MU is a responsive theme. I'm presuming the styles you want to change apply only to the theme at its full-width, correct?

    So, first question: are you comfortable with adding custom CSS style rules?

    If so, next question: do you know how to activate the Blogs-MU Child theme that comes bundled with Blogs-MU?

    If you are not comfortable with editing, uploading and activating a child-theme, there is an alternative. Install (if you haven't already) the Jetpack plugin and enable the Custom CSS module:

    We'll work from there :slight_smile:

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