How to change the Registration Success message/page?

I changed this already, somehow, but not can't seem to find where the #$%^ I did that...

What file do I need to edit to change the message that appears upon a successful registration?

I'm using BP and Membership Premium.

It seems to be part of the whole subscriptionform shortcode, but I'm unable to locate a file...

  • DavidM

    Hi Ernie,

    The message for the Free gateway is actually available as setting at Membership > Edit Gateways, within the Settings page for the Free gateway.

    And there's a filter, 'membership_subscriptionform_signedup' that can be used for customization of the output content, though I'm not quite sure about the default message for the other gateways.

    I'll have to ask the developers to comment on that.


  • Barry

    The PayPal solo gateway has the same option as the Free gateway for the message when someone signs up to a free subscription.

    The other "confirmation" message is held in a file called member.form.php which is in membershipincludes/includes/member.form.php

    You can either change the content in that file (but keep hold of a copy of your changes as they may be overwritten when you upgrade).

    Alternatively you can put together a plugin / add-on to override the file that is called. This is upgrade proof, but is a bit more complex. If you are comfortable with a bit of PHP, then I can give you some instructions to get that set up if you'd rather take that approach.

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