How to change the URL the logo links to

To Whom it May Concern,

Forgive me in advance for a question that will surely read a little circular and lengthy.

I have a site I am building called This is a membership site, meaning that the content on it is only available to those people have registered. Currently, when a member is logged in and they click on the logo of my website, the they are brought to the homepage. The url of that homepage is

I also have a log in/landing page ( This page is only visible to those people who are not yet logged in. I would like the URL for that page to However, that would require changing the home page (which I know how to do in the "reading" portion of the "settings" menu) - this would also mean that the logo would then link to the log in/landing page, which I do not want.

So, here is my question: how can I make this log in/landing page I've mentioned while keeping the logo linked to the page it is currently linked to? Does that make sense?

I look forward to your response.

Best, Nicholas