How to changing domain on current WP setup ?

Hello world,
I built a site on, it is a WP site (hosted at GoDaddy) NO multisite
I just won domain at the auction and wonder what is the simpliest solution to move my ABC to XYZ ?

Is there a way I can do this without moving all of the content ?

Can I simply rename the domain name on the server and forward the DNS to the newest name ?

Did some research but found some contradictions so I thought I could ask the experts, thanks so much

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    Hi Steven,

    Hope you're well?

    You could just add the domain on to your server CPanel as an add-on domain (though it would be better if it was the primary domain if you ever plan on using a multisite) but you would simply just need to set the DNS to point to your server and then make it's document root the same as your wordpress documentRoot. You would need to ask your webhost if you want the new domain to be your primary domain.

    You would then need to change references of the old domain to the new domain in your wordpress site.

    you can use a plugin such as

    to change the URLs in the DB.

    The following guide should give you more info on this.

    Hope this helps

  • Steven
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    I got news so allow me to re-open this thread ...

    How to change the domain name of a site in-place

    If you want to change the domain name of a site in-place (ie you don’t want to copy the site to a new domain and use both sites, you just want a single site under different domain) The process is simple provided you are using a cpanel hosting system.

    If your current site (old domain) is the primary domain of a cpanel hosting account, park your new domain on the hosting account. If your old domain is an add-on domain, add the new domain as an add-on domain and assign it the same sub-directory (file location) of the old domain

    Now change your name servers for the new domain. After propagation, you will be able to see your site at, however internal links (navbar links) will point to the old domain.

    Now login to your dashboard and go to Settings > General and change the Site Url and Blog Url from to

    You may need to run a plugin, such as Velvet Blues Url changer, to update internal links on your pages as well, just go global search-and-replace from to

    *if that can help someone

    Question : Can you please confirm the validity of this ?

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