How to clone my super admin site template into another user's template?

Hello Admin,

How to clone my super admin site template into another user's template?

I just followed the tutorial but it seems it's not working on my application.

And i am experiencing a confusion on how to use the cloned site on the user's admin panel?

Please guide.

Thank you so much.

  • Jude

    Hi again David

    Long time :slight_smile: How are you ?

    Just want to clarify .. Is it the Admin Template or just a regular site template ? Also I dont see cloner on your site .. just MCC. Can you try using cloner ??

    And i am experiencing a confusion on how to use the cloned site on the user's admin panel?

    This is simple, make sure the user account is a member of the cloned site and log the user in via the regular dashboard.


  • David

    Hello Jude,

    Long time....i'm fine thanks.
    Hope you're doin fine well also.

    hope can i make some instructions in image... As far as i understand it's easy to use the CLONER, but it's not functioning on my site i really don't know.

    Here's the site that i really want to clone or to copy to another member user's site.:

    and i wanted to have my user's to have like this site and also to the rest, but i don't know why it's not functioning on my system.

    I just also open the Grant Access.

    Thank you once again. More power to you.

  • David

    Hello Jude,

    I tried to clone the [] site into []
    and the problem exist.....there's no link for dashboard and anymore to [].... in short...menus, plugins gone on the [] admin panel.

    [] - is one of the user's admin panel.

    Previously, [] everything is fine and menus and plugins are all existing. But after cloning everything was gone.

    Hope to resolve this issue and what's really happening why i encounter this problem.

    Thanks a lot once again.

  • David

    Hello Jude,

    I have tried all the instructions, but still the problem arises on my user's admin panel.
    here is the link of my user admin panel :

    it's admin panel is not functioning. I deactivate the child theme configurator right now.
    But the problem still arises and i am really confuse. I really don't know this kind of technicalities.

    All i wanted is to know how exactly to clone or copy an exisitng site template in order for me to use it for my members to their BLOG TEMPLATES.

    But i am encountering such technicalities which is beyond my knowledge already.

    Hope to resolve this issue, and if there's a video how to do it, it's also fine.

    Thank you so much once again.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, David!

    Let me try to recap what's happening here. :slight_smile:
    1. When you're cloning and importing a clone, the destination site is missing content and the admin area, correct?
    2. We thought it might be a conflict with the child theme plugin, but the issue still occurs when that plugin is deactivated.

    I see you've mentioned blog templates a few times. Are you using our New Blog Templates plugin by chance? If so, we can probably make this a lot simpler on you than trying to use cloner here.

    New Blog Templates will let you create multiple template sites, users can pick which template they want when they create a new site. Template sites need to stay unchanged, once they're created, so the changes don't trickle down to sites created with that template.

    Here's the product page and usage guide for New Blog Templates, if you don't have it installed. I think it could be just the alternative you're looking for here. :slight_smile:

    Once it's installed, create a new site via your Network admin dashboard. Use this site to create your (first) template. Once it's all set, go to the New Blog Template settings, and assign this new subsite as your template. There are some other settings, as well, that will control what the user sees on the signup page and a few options to customize things for your site.

    I think this is the experience you're looking for for your users, correct?

    Thanks, David!

  • David

    Hello Michelle,

    Exactly as what you have mentioned. This was really i experience creating a template to my users then the results becomes not proper.

    You're observation is really accurate.

    I will follow your instructions and it's also very detailed.
    I really appreciate your time and effort to give me your personal support.

    I will let you know after i have created a new site template that my members can probably use.

    Thank you so much.
    More power.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, David!

    That bit appears to be from our Site Categories plugin, which I see you've got installed, but it doesn't look like it's active on any sites. It could be some settings from that plugin got "stuck" and they're showing in your new site sign up form here. If it is active on the subsite here, try deactivating it. If it's not active anywhere, try network activating it, clearing the settings, then deactivating and deleting it. If you're still seeing this field, we may need to find and remove it another way.

    Thanks, David! So glad New Blog Templates will work for you!