How to configure directory plugin correctly

Hi there,

I need some help as I bought the directory plugin now and it doesn’t work as expected.

Some stuff about our project before.

1. It’s a standard WordPress installation with the standard theme (see

2. The only thing that is configured yet are perma links as the URL should be the categories and the post name: /%category%/%postname%/

3. The plugin now added a “Sign Up” Link in the header, linking to – but it doesn’t show anything.

4. I also miss the form, where the user can submit a new listing as a guest. I asked by mail if this is possible, but I can’t find an option to show the form before the checkout.

5. If I switch the template to “Directory Theme” the URL behind “Sign Up” isn’t “/sign-up/” but “/checkout/” (see It shows me a “Nothing Found”.

6. I only want to offer a one-time fee and no recurring payments. How is that possible?

Could someone help me, solving this problems? I could also give FTP and backend access to a WPMU-Supporter.

Thank you in advance.

Greetings from Germany,