How to configure Plesk for Add-on Domains using WHMCS Provisioning module for WordPress.

I have the WHMCS MU Provisioning plugin working beautifully although there is one step I wish could be automated.

So far, when a new customer places an order for a domain, the plugin will provision the subdomain on the MU site with the Domain Mapping configured.

I have an Enom module for domain registrations which also configures DNS perfectly... the only step I have to perform manually is adding the domain to the Plesk hosting account.

This is the one step that stops the WHMCS Provisioning plugin fully automated. Only then can the website make money while I sleep :slight_smile:

Perhaps it's a feature request for the next edition. Might be a good idea to add CPanel and Plesk domain provisioning with it... or maybe there's a method I'm unaware of??

I know you can create catch-all subdomains but a catch-all TLD??? I'm stuck, please help.