How to configure settings for plugins in mu-plugins?

How do you configure plugins that you want to be in mu-plugins so that they're sitewide and users can't change the settings?

For instance, with wpsupercache if you put it in mu-plugins then blog users can't turn off cacheing, but you also can't use the admin panel to configure the plugin.

What is the solution? Do you edit each plugin and hack the code to check if the user is an admin before allowing them to see the settings panel?

  • drmike

    Pretty much edit each plugin, The specific edits depend on the specific plugins you;re using. Chances are, besides the wpsupercashe one, it's been discussed on the regular mu forums already, the plugin's author's site or support forums, or someone's uploaded it to the regular site.

    Some do work out of the box though.

    As to wpsupercache, I'd just leave it as a site wide option. Allowing end users to turn it on and off is just asking for confusion and support questions. We just run it in half mode over our way without any major issues.

  • Andrew

    It looks like the only plugins you can use with wpmu are the ones specifically written for it.

    That's incorrect I'm afraid. A ton of WP plugins work just fine with WPMU.

    Doesn't this seem like a kind of strange design choice by the wpmu authors?

    Why didn't they make it so you have an option in the admin panel to disable the admin screens on certain plugins for other users but still let the top site admin change the plugin settings?

    That would actually be something that each plugin developer would need to add in as a feature to their plugins.