How to configure subscriptions and levels where payment is physical (not online)

Please help me on how best I can configure my subscriptions and access levels. I am running an agency membership site whereby I have two types of subscribers. Lets say one group is for people looking for courses (Course Seekers) while another group is a group of Course Providers. Course Seekers do not pay to be members so I created a Subscription; "Course Seekers Package" and an Access Level "Course Seekers" and the payment gateway is Freesubscriptions. There are no access restrictions for Course Seekers so in the level configuration I have nothing on the positive rules and nothing on the negative rules (I am assuming this means full access right?)

I also have a level called "visitors" with no subscription and I have put it on the "stranger level" in Membership Options. I have disallowed visitors access to some pages and Buddypress pages by dragging the categories on the "negative rules" in the access level settings then ticking those I am disallowing.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT ONE: I have a subscription called "Course Providers" with two access levels - The first one is the Paid Access Level and the other one is the Unpaid Access Level. My subscribers cannot pay online for services so they have to pay physically then I manually change the level. Therefore I have set the Paid Access level to be free and finite for 30 days. Since this is the entry level for every Course Provider, I am expecting it will give them some 30 days of Free Trial then upon expiry, will switch them to the next level where there is restricted access (Unpaid Level). When they pay I will then manually drop the Unpaid level so as to remain with a "Paid access level" again for 30 days. This is the most important and difficult part of my configurations. Kindly advise if this works. Please note that all levels are on freesubscriptions gateway because payments will not be online, hence the need for manual dropping of the unpaid level every time the user pays.

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hello tawanda,

    There is a problem with providing them with the free subscription level. The Course Providers would be able to sign-up using them anyway, right?

    How is Course Seekers and Course Providers differentiated? Course Seekers have full access to the whole thing anyway right?

    What extra benefits do Course Providers gets for sign-ing up?

    I think the best approach would be to have a payment gateway for the Course Seekers. They can't use it anyway, but that will make sure that they are not creating free accounts.

    Don't you think?

  • tawanda

    Both Course Seekers and Course Providers will not be able to pay online but offline. The current plan is for Course Seekers to pay nothing but for Course Providers to pay for membership. The distinguishing feature between the two accounts is access to the profile. I am using BP Profile Manager to hide the profile for all sign ups with role - Course Seeker and the profile will be accessible for Course Providers. However I want Course Providers' profile to be accessible only when they are paid up members. Kindly advise how best I should configure the levels and subscriptions to achieve this.

    Please note that I am associating every level to a different user role like Unpaid Service Provider and Premium Service Provider so that once a subscriber changes level or subscription their role changes at the same time and this leads to their profile being accessible or hidden.

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