how to configure the "more" tag in membership levels

I run a news site.

I want the readers to the see excerpts of ALL the stories, even the ones from categories restricted to paid members only. But when I restrict a category for "visitors", they can't see the excerpts.

Is this plugin capable of this?

The theme I use (wp-prosper from solostream) automatically puts in a "more" tag and creates excerpts on blog page and category pages.

I set up two membership levels, one for MEMBERS, one for VISITORS

If I put in a negative rule for VISITORS that restricts a category, they lose the excerpts.

If I add a negative rule for the "more" tag for VISITORS it doesn't seem to do anything.

Do I have to add opposite rules for the MEMBERS to make it work?

I'd be happy to pay someone to set this up the way I want if it's possible.