How to connect a user site on my multisite to

I have a new site I created on my multisite, but the user of this site has their own account where they manage many other sites all through one location--their account.

When I log into their account, the site I created on my network does show up in their list of sites, but there is this message:

"Remote management is required to see this page."
Then a button that says: "Turn on Remote Management"

I am using Domain Mapping for this user's site (

Will this allow the user to then log into the site just as if they were going through my multisite network? And if so, will the user still have to administer the site with the restrictions I have set for my network (for example, no raw html allowed, etc.). I just want to be sure my network is not compromised in any way by allowing the user to manage this site from their account.

Do I also need to manage some settings from within my network to allow this remote management or is all done from her account?

Thanks, Joe.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Joe,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The fact that users can see their sites of your network on their dashboards means that Jetpack plugin is installed on your network and activated (and connected) on users' sub-sites.

    I'm not quite sure though what do you mean by "When I log into their account, the site I created on my network does show up in their list of sites". The remote management feature will not work if Jetpack on your network is only connected to your account and your users are not able to individually connect their sub-sites to their accounts.

    I've just tested this on my own test setup and .com account and there's no need to turn any additional features apart from connecting JetPack with .com account and enabling the " Tools".

    That said, could you elaborate a bit on your network configuration and Jetpack settings please?


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