How to control privacy of menus in Social Theme

This is my website:

How do I control access to the menus on my public front page?

If you notice the “activity” link is the only one that is properly given privacy by redirecting to a sign up menu. I’d like to be able to apply this to a few of the other menu items –but be able to decide which ones.

Does anyone know how I manually select which menu items to direct to a sign-up page in lieu of showing everything?


  • DavidM
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    Hi seasonalsad,

    The Membership plugin, as Eric mentioned, would be the way to limit access to those particular pages. The theme provides limited privacy options, though nothing thorough like Membership.

    As such, you wouldn’t have the ability to restrict access to all those pages, Forums, Groups, etc, with just the theme alone. You could use a bit of custom code in those page’s templates in the theme, but it would require a bit of custom coding.

    The options the theme does provide are all accessible in the BuddyPress Settings tab and as you can see, there’s not an option to restrict all of those elements.



  • seasonalsad
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    I’m wondering if there isn’t an easier way because when I enable The Social Theme privacy settings the default “Activity” menu item is automatically hidden to non-members, but the pages I created are not. Isn’t there a way to go into the coding and easily add the created pages to this list of blocked to non-members items? Or is it a lot more complex than that (obviously I’m clueless–I just don’t get why the creator didn’t make it equally easy to manually hide ALL menu items, not just the default ones)?

    I’ll get working on the membership plugin now….I downloaded the premium one but to be honest it’s overwhelming for me so might take me a little bit to unravel. This is my last day as a member on this site (until I can raise funds to re-join) so I’ll have to make it work!!!

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