how to copy products from marketpress to woocommerce

hey. i'm enjoying the learning curve in wordpress of incompatible plugins :slight_smile:

so. I decided to go with marketpress to create a test-site with an affiliates company. however, I had to move the plugin to an 'old plugins' folder temporarily to clear things up from an incompatible plugin (not marketpress, something else).

when I reinstalled it, I kept getting errors relative to the chained payments.

i took off chained payments, and the error disappeared. now, i'd like to know a couple of things please:

1) How do I save the multiple products she has done and implement them, theoretically, in woo commerce if I want? Can that be done or must the data be entered twice?

2) I need some pretty specific instructions on how to set up chained payments so that the merchants in my multisite give a percentage back to me. is there a FAQ detailing, very clearly; the relationship between PayPal & Marketpress in Multisite?

3) How can I set up a blog template page that sets up new merchants automatically, different from the template of new Authors in the site?