How to create 3 Free Subscription Plans for 3 different pages?


Im using the premium membership plugin and I am having a lot of trouble making it work the way I want it. I need to understand the logic behind this plugin otherwise Ill get nowhere.

I need to create a non-commercial small membership area to serve 3 different type of users (A,B,C). Each type of user cannot see what the other does and vice versa. Each user type sees only one protected page where there is a file and some text. So 3 user types and 3 protected pages (1 for each user type).


1) How do I create 1 sign up page for each user type or Subscription plan?

2) How/Where can I customize the forms included in the registration page? I only see coupons now and a paypal button i dont need for my free membership. I need to remove these and insert some fields such as Name, Last Name, etc…

3) After sign up and login I need user to land on his own Protected Page, how can I do this?

4) I need to translate many preset pages from English to Italian, where can I do this?

I have looked all over the manual for about an hour and I have a few more questions. Thank you in advance for reaching out and helping!