How to create a 2 step optin pop up with POP UP Pro

HI there,

I'm trying to create a two step opt-in using this plugin.

So the original pop up would be an offer with a button to confirm.

on click either the pop up would refresh to an email form or close and open a new pop with the email form.

Is this possible with this plugin.



  • Hoang Ngo

    Hi @Joseph,

    I hope you are well today.

    I think we can still do that without coding. The idea is we will use those rules from a specific URL/From a specific referrer

    Saying you have a page called page 1, and you place a confirm popup here, the popup content will having a link, which go to page 2. On page 2, you will have another popup, and the condition for it is when redirected from page 1

    Does that can work for you :slight_smile:?

    Best regards,

  • Joseph

    Hi Hoang,

    Thank you for your reply and possible solution. Although it is not what I was looking for, I do appreciate the excellent support effort.

    Page refresh to an alternate page is not what I was going for.

    So you can understand fully how I'm using it:

    1. It's a pop up that is triggered by exit intent.
    2. From there a 2 step opt in is what I was going for - so first pop up would have an offer with a button to accept agreement of offer. that button then closes that popup and opens a new one with the registration form.

    It's a psychological marketing technique that is common these days for getting better conversions due to getting the customer to say yes before they are asked for there details.

    I like your popup however I do require allot more customization than this plugin allows for marketing purposes.

    Thanks so much for your time, I have found another solution that's working for me.

    Kind regards,


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