How to create a good site for events?


I want to create a site who allow users to create events, but i need to know what is the best solution : Buddypress or WordPress Multisite?


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    This greatly depends on the direction of the project.

    If you want events to be isolated, branded, or more or less specific to to an individual or organization, then I'd go with Multisite.

    If you want your users to be able to have a profile, see each other's events, and have group events, then BuddyPress would be the way to go.

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    What have you tried already? A paid events site can mean alot of things, so it will probably come down to experimenting and finding out what really suites your purposes.

    As I said before, it depends on the project. There are alot of different possibilities, and I really don't have enough information to just make a specific recommendation such as saying you should use BuddyPress or not.

    Here are the two different paths:

    - Multisite will give each user full control over their own site.

    - BuddyPress will keep everyone on one site, and offer social networking features.

    If you use one, you probably won't need the other unless there are special circumstances or features that you need.

    I'd recommend starting off by avoiding BuddyPress. Try using Multisite and Events+ as this will probably get you 90% of the way, then you'll need to just workout the details.

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